Fill out the form on the homepage. Choose the currency you have and the currency you want. Provide the amount you want to exchange and the address of the wallet you want us to send the exchanged coins to. For example, if you want to exchange Bitcoin to Litecoin, you have to provide a valid Litecoin wallet address. Click "exchange" to begin the exchange.
No problem. The amount you enter on the frontpage is only used to show you the calculations and expected amount to receive. Once you begin the exchange we start monitoring the deposit address. When we receive a transfer to that address, we exchange the coins we received and transfer the coins back to your wallet.
Please write any questions to the contact form. 
Exchanges are made instant. You will receive funds after the 1st confirmation network, it takes about 5-10 minutes.
The exchange rates on the crypto currency market are highly volatile at times. We therefore keep the exchange rates updated from various sources to match the current market price at all times. This gives you the most accurate exchange rate between any set of currencies at any given moment.
Yes. Actually we work with a minimum of 0.005 BTC, and maximum 5 BTC per transaction.